Thermo Covers

We have long experience of the use and use of thermomaterials in temperate transport. The models have evolved over the years and on our standard coverss there are many thoughtful details -Some example, reinforce slots for pallet forks, adjustable height on pallet models, plastic bag for shipping documents etc.

Standard thermo covers for European pallet & roller containers

New delevoped thermo cover for safe transportation of flowers.

We work many times with problem solving to find new ways for our customers to easily transport goods without the occurrence of temperature damage. Our thermo hoods are made of durable polyester fabric and, if necessary, always reinforced on parts that can be subjected to wear. This means that you can reuse it for a very long time, thus saving large amounts of money instead of using disposable packaging.

Air transportation

There are actually no limits on what sizes we can manufacture and the largest thermo hood (so far) is to a pallet that was shipped with the jumbo jet.

Medical transportation

Medicine transports are often sensitive and we can also make small series for this. They are available in many designs and below are a model with handle and plastic pocket for shipping documents.

Food transportation

Thermo bags in different sizes and also possible to make divided sections in the bag to separate different goods in the same bag.