Energy Curtains


Insulated sliding doors provide a good protection against cold race AND are also insulated, which gives a very good effect to maintain the temperature in the cabinet. In cases where you only have a taillift and no rear doors, it will be a dramatic difference when you have the correct shipping temperature for deliveries of refrigerated or frozen goods.


Simple and functional PVC drapery for both new vehicles and after market. A mounting rail with 3 sliding tracks makes it flexible and can be delivered in both 2 and 3-section design and, of course, as a fixed section. The height of the mounting rail becomes minimal and no loose parts without it being pushed sideways with a suspension in a sk. channel rail. The special suspension of the curtain guarantees a smooth walk, but still with enough friction to stay in place and not move during transport.

Assembly service of all our curtains.

We manufacture curtains of all sizes with short delivery times. If you wish to have the curtain installed and ready, this can be done quickly and easily at our facilities in Vara or any of Thermoking’s workshops. Contact us for time booking.